Internet Banking

Temenos Connect Internet banking provides an enhanced platform for web based financial transactions with various options of authentication.

Temenos Connect Internet Banking provides safe and secure widest possible online access to 24/7 core banking functions across all business solution platform and products, including wealth management services. Cost effective, resilient and efficient, Temenos Connect Internet integrates seamlessly with the T24 core banking system and is supported by our scalable and secure internet banking infrastructure

Why choose Inlaks

Temenos is ranked as the number core banking application for the past 5 years and Inlaks (Temenos partner) is a world class organization that has a track record of sterling Achievement in T24 implementation. With our over 30 years of experience in the industry and backed with incisive and competent experts we always get the job done. We are also the major Representative of Temenos in West Africa. 

Benefits Of Temenos Connect Internet Banking(TCIB)

  • Non-stop service and flexible user interface
  • Full integration with the TemenosT24 core banking system means you can use Temenos Connect Internet to rapidly development and deployment
  • Leverages on Temenos Core banking T24 which means easy-to-use design tools enable you to choose to develop your online proposition in-house and minimize IT costs.
  • The multi-host support can work with multiple products and return all the information into a single user experience.
  • Because Temenos Connect Internet is built on open software standards, it integrates smoothly with your core banking system as well as your legacy systems.