Fiorano ESB

The Fiorano Integration Platform provides institutions with a solution for overcoming the complex integration hurdles and allows seamless and trouble free communication among your applications, databases, partners, suppliers, employees, stakeholders and more.

Fiorano SOA Platform is a middleware platform that allows heterogeneous software services to be deployed across an enterprise service grid. It provides a common service-oriented platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Management (BPM), and Automation of Business to Business (B2B) integration.

Together these serve in connecting diverse software applications running within an organization and across partner organizations.

Benefit Of Fiorano ESB

  • Powerful Integration, Choreography and Service Creation Environment
  • Powerful Service-Deployment and Runtime Control
  • High Performance, Scalability and Reliability via a distributed, Peer-to-Peer architecture
  • Comprehensive Security, Governance, Lifecycle Management and Versioning
  • Standards-based Heterogeneous SOA

Temenos - Fiorano Partnership

Temenos has partnered with Fiorano to deliver T24 standard-based connectors to integrate Temenos T24 core banking systems with disparate applications. T24 has been the best selling core banking solution for over a decade according to IBS Intelligence and is one of the market leading providers of banking software systems today. Inlaks (Temenos partner) is a world class organization that has a track record of sterling Achievement in T24 implementation. With our over 30 years of experience in the industry and backed with incisive and competent experts we always get the job done. We are also the major Representative of Temenos in West Africa.