Dell Products/Solutions

DELL Product Include:

  • Dell solutions & services
  • Desktop
  • Servers
  • Storages (Flash storage, software defined storage, fluid cache, storage products, data protection backup and recovery, and storage services)

Why Inlaks

Inlaks is a foremost ICT and Infrastructure solution provider in Nigeria and West Africa with a specialty in the deployment of dynamic and highly scalable ICT and Infrastructure solutions that satisfy the evolving requirement of the financial, industrial, distribution, telecommunications, oil & gas and utilities sector of the economy.

Having an industry experience of over 30 years and an impressive customer base made up of apex commercial banks in West Africa and 18 out of 24 banks in Nigeria thriving on our solutions and offerings.

Laptops and Tablets

Do every task better on a ultra portable laptop with the newest processors.


The new way to do business. Impress and perform like never before—and meet a variety of business demands—with highly customizable tools, new features and a stylish new design. Easily share your internet connection with your devices and help colleagues get online fast with HP Wireless Hotspot..

Dell Rack & Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge servers these are entry level servers with performance and features to run small business applications and the security and scalability to support business growth.

They can be perfect for collaboration, file storage and sharing, and data protection. Also, dense virtualization and scalable database applications, scalable and energy-efficient blade management solution for your data center.


Backup and Recovery Appliance, from Data protection appliance for small business. Powered by AppAssure backup, replication and recovery software to an ideal storage solution offering high storage capacity and cloud deployment for your workloads.

Flash Storage

Does cost make the many benefits of flash storage unattainable for your organization? Find out how our enterprise array innovations have redefined storage economics, putting tripled transaction speeds, up to 95 percent lower latency and decreased data center footprints within your reach..

Software-Defined Storage

It’s time to design your data center around your workloads. Break free of old, costly models that bind you to proprietary solutions and dictate your configurations. Our adaptable, software-defined storage solutions separate hardware and software, giving you freedom of choice and access to storage innovation as it happens — no more waiting on the next hardware refresh to get the latest, most intelligent software features you need to automate your workload management .

Fluid Cache

Delivering the stability of a highly available write-back caching solution within a scalable, low-latency SAN environment, Dell Fluid Cache for SAN can provide extraordinary I/O performance for online transactional processing (OLTP) and virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) workloads.

Storage Products

Not every business uses storage the same way — different businesses need different storage products and configurations. Whether you’re looking for intelligent, automated storage solutions, high-bandwidth or high-capacity storage arrays, converged storage and compute solutions, or Windows® NAS appliances, we have a storage solution to fit your needs.

Data Protection Backup And Recovery

You don’t have to hammer data-retention policies and data recovery needs into boilerplate backup and recovery solutions. Find solutions tailored to fit your unique requirements. From application backups to all-inclusive licensing, from RTO/RPO requirements to powerful deduplication built into appliances, you can choose what your company needs — not what a vendor says you need.

Our solutions span physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, providing greater flexibility. With reduced complexity, broad platform support and near-zero data loss and downtime, we help you match your backup to your business, so you’re thinking less about backup and recovery and more about getting work done.

Storage Services

  • Application Services: your business is built on applications. Begin the journey to application transformation using the approach that works best for you.
  • Big Data & Analytics: turn your data into business insights- fast- by streamlining the big data collection and analysis process
  • Data Center: Increase server utilization, respond dynamically to changing business demands and reduce IT cost with datacenter virtualization.
  • Mobile: Boost user productivity and secure data and devices without introducing excessive IT burdens.

Benefits Of Dell Products

  • Simplify management, accelerate workloads and deliver peak performance with versatile power edge server configurations and intelligent, embedded management.
  • Achieve faster response times and lower your total cost of ownership.