Oil and Gas

Fm 200 Fire Defence System

The fire defense solution system consists of an electronic alarm panel connected to detectors that are located in strategic points within the room and a gas cylinder containing FM 200 re-agent which can be located within or outside the room but whose gas is piped direct to the center of the protected zone and has a self activating valve known as actuator.

Cooling System

Our cooling system is based precision air-conditioner, designed both to maintain temperature within very close tolerance to overcome the dangers of uncontrolled humidity. This is needed for continuous and accurate control of temperature and humidity.Precision air conditioner also reduces the dust level of the room. It also has a graphic display device which automatically shows the actual temperature and humidity of the room for record purposes.

There are various types of cooling which varies from Up-blow, Down-Blow, cassette type etc.


For the control, monitoring and restriction of movement of staff/ visitors to the IT rooms and server rooms, and to provide additional security for achieved information, Access Control System shall be installed on selected entrance doors.

Access Control System offers a measure of security and flexibility not readily available from the lock and key.  Locks may be picked, keys stolen or duplicated.  Access control system is the solution.  Once fitted to the door, only personnel using the authorized security card or codes or the combination of code and card gain entry.


This makes the available space rightly maximized with proper arrangement of equipment in place. The room is beautified with available fire rated materials for functionality of the equipment installed. These includes:-

Anti static flooring system:- This is a fire retardant rubber covering, that gives the data centre the finesse and compliments the cladded walls.

Infrastructure Business

At Inlaks, we fully understand the impact of down time to our customer’s mission critical infrastructure that supports their entire operations. We have mastered the “Science” of designing, building data centres and deploying innovative solutions that deliver superior value to our customer and in turn offer them world class service experience.

Inverter Monitoring Solution

Improper inverter maintenance is also a cause of load loss. Designed to minimize this risk, Inlaks inverter management and monitoring solutions help take the guesswork out of inverter maintenance and increase system reliability:
Solutions consist of Ethernet ready hardware Intelligence located at each site. Measured parameters are ported over the customer’s network to a BattOnline software application for the management of the event and alarm conditions. The software is a web based application accessible real time.