IBM Business Solutions

IBM Business Solutions inculde:

  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Power Systems
  • Flash System
  • Disk Storage
  • Middleware
  • IBM intelligent business process management (BPM)
  • IBM Mobile Solution
  • Tape and Virtual Tape Storage
  • IBM database solutions

Why choose Inlaks

Inlaks is a foremost ICT and Infrastructure solution provider in Nigeria and West Africa with a specialty in the deployment of dynamic and highly scalable ICT and Infrastructure solutions that satisfy the evolving requirement of the financial, industrial, distribution, telecommunications, oil & gas and utilities sector of the economy.

We have an industry experience of over 30 years and an impressive customer base made up of apex commercial banks in West Africa and 18 out of 24 banks in Nigeria thriving on our solutions and offerings.

IBM Business Solutions

  • IBM database solutions help you manage data across multiple workloads, while reducing administration, storage, development and server costs. Our high-performance solutions manage data from requirements to retirement, and can assure the privacy and integrity of your data.
  • Middleware is the fabric that powers digital transformation. In the ‘90’s Middleware addressed the need for enterprise integration and web functionality. Today it helps businesses join the API economy and leverage partner ecosystems to create exciting new enterprise opportunities.
  • IBM intelligent business process management (BPM) solutions improve the visibility and control of your business processes. As a result, they can help differentiate your business from the competition, deliver the right goods and services and meet the demands of your customers for consistency and convenience.
  • IBM Security An integrated portfolio to detect and prevent advanced threats. Mature security operations and risk management strategies. Support and advice from thousands of experts around the globe. IBM Security leverages these resources in pursuit of a single goal: Protecting our clients.
  • IBM Mobile Solution Mobility is about putting business in motion, conducting business with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Today’s Mobile leaders are doing more to integrate mobile into the fabric of their business. These award winning services solutions are designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.
  • Application Lifecycle Management capabilities built on the open, unifying IBM Rational® Jazz™ platform can help agile and traditional teams to see at a glance status, manage cost, reuse the most efficient processes across the organization, access better data for decisions.
  • Power systems Designed for the waitless world, IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. The waitless world demands servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing business demands. Servers that deliver superior cloud economics with secure and open choices and incorporate innovation from a growing, open ecosystem that broadens application choice and enhances optimization.
  • Data warehousing solutions are unique in their ability to help you to extend and evolve your data warehouse investment so that your organization can discover deeper insights at a lower total cost of ownership. Designed to make the most of your existing solutions, IBM integrated solutions help you add next-generation database technology, appliances and more to meet today’s needs.
  • IBM Flash storage solutions provide the micro-latency, scalable performance and operational efficiency today's organizations require to unlock insights from massive volumes of data. IBM FlashSystem storage solutions allow you to do more with less so you can outsmart, not “outspend” your competitors.
  • IBM disk storage systems provide storage efficiency solutions such as Real-time Compression™, automated tiering, virtualization, and thin provisioning. IBM disk storage works perfect together in combination with flash storage as a hybrid storage solution, by increasing efficiency, speed and lower IT cost.
  • Tape and Virtual Tape Storage Long a preferred technology for data backup, tape is proving to be the ideal choice for cost-effective long term storage of unstructured data generated by big data and cloud computing. Scalability, durability, security, energy efficiency and a compellingly lower cost than disk make tape the “secret weapon” for effective long term data retention.


  • It helps Customers to respond quickly to changing business conditions while managing IT costs.
  • Customers can now focus on core business challenges rather than daily IT operations
  • It lowers Operational Risk
  • Faster Operational turnaround time to benefit