Earthing System, Surge and Lightning Protection

Our solution has adopted a sure comprehensive point plan to protect the overall structure, and its contents, assure safety of its personnel and minimized exposure to transient damaged based on cost-benefit and risk assessment principles.

The interdependent disciplines that form our POINT PLAN include:

  • Capturing the lightning strike at a known and preferred point.
  • Conveying the lightning energy safely to ground
  • Dissipating into a low impedance grounding system
  • Eliminating ground potential loops
  • Protecting service entry points of power supplies.

However, lightning protection is a sensitive and specialized discipline requiring dedicated and acknowledgeable company, as destructive strikes offer no second chance.

Our solution shall be based on Indelec lightning arrestor which is second to none in the world of lightning protection today.

Advantages of Environmental Monitoring

  • Large choice of protection radii
  • Improved maximum effectiveness
  • Total Autonomy
  • Activates itself only when there is a risk of lightning
  • Permanent, single drop from the tip of the air terminal down to the earth
  • Reliability and sturdiness tested in both a high voltage laboratory by C.N.R.S (French National Scientific Research Center) and in real Life Lightning condition by the C.E.A (French Atomic Energy Commission).