Data Center Preparation

This section deals with design and construction of a standard data centre where all network cabling infrastructure and network deployment terminate. It shall involve the following:

  • Security Systems
  • Raised floor system
  • Fire rated walls and ceilings
  • Fire rated door

Security Systems

Security is key and paramount in a standard data centre and as such emphasis has been placed in providing adequate security for both equipment and personnel residing in the data centre.

Among the security solution proffer are:

Access Control System:

  • Prevention of unauthorized access in to the data centre through installation of biometric access Control System at the entry points in to the data centre to ensure that entry is monitored and controlled for the safety of: assets, personnel and confidential information which require a safeguarded environment, both for security as well as competitive reasons.
  • Provision of adequate protections for installed equipment in the centre by making the entire data centre fire-rated to guard against fire hazard either within or outside the data centre with the introduction of Automatic fire defence System together with accessories such as smoke detector, heat detectors, alarm bells, sounders FM 200 gas and control panels for the purposes of fire detection, alert and automatic gas discharge thereby protecting the investment against fire outbreak.
    FM 200 gas is a clean, safe and environmental friendly gaseous extinguishing agent internationally accepted and approved as the leading choice for the protection of people and high net worth assets and ensures business continuity in the case of fire.
  • Provision of Internet Protocol cameras at strategic locations for data centre monitoring    and surveillance.

Raised Floor System

Raised floor System is always recommended for the equipment room to provide protected and secure cable path and channels for several communication and power cables that terminate in the data centre. This is an array of 600 x 600mm aluminium core, metal foil base, top panels, supported by heavy duty steel pedestals which are held together by steel stringers.

Such a floor does not only greatly improve the look of the data centre but also very essential for security and safety.  One can imagine the damage that could be done and the risks of personal injury- by I.T staff having to tread over vital cables and connections every day.

Fire Rated Walls And Ceilings

The walls of the data centre shall be reinforced with fire rated gypsum boards while the ceilings are made of plaster of Paris to ensure that fire emanating in the equipment room is contained within the room for a reasonable length of time during which the FM 200 gas shall be expected to discharge and extinguish the fire while the fire emanating from outside is not allowed to spread to the equipment room.

Fire Rated Door

The main entrance to the data centre shall be made of fire rated steel door that can withstand fire up to 10000 Celsius.