Cooling System (HPAC)

Conventional air conditioning is generally designed for people’s comfort and does not provide the more stringent environment control that sophisticated electronic equipment or Data Centre infrastructure requires.  The comprehensive range of size and the variety of back-up options allow systems designers to specify a suitable unit, be it a single unit or multi-compressor/multi-circuit, which precisely matches your needs.

Inlaks design and build Low and High Density cooling systems to constantly cool server racks, circulate air and maintain sensitive data centre environments.  Our approach is based on employing innovative alternatives. Chilled water units, DX cooling, external chiller and condenser technologies are all effective options that can maximize ambient outdoor temperatures to steadily maintain constant cooling temperatures

It conditions the temperature of critical infrastructure, and maintains the operating temperature

Products Include:

  • HPAC CRV 20KW-40KW

Benefits of Cooling System (HPAC)

  • Further noise level reduction 4-5 dB(A).
  • An advanced logic simultaneously manages fans and inverter compressors modulation, with savings at part loads up to 30%.
  • Further absorbs power reduction by 15%.
  • The high efficiency EC fan reduces noise levels as well as energy consumption.
  • Reduced down time
  • Increased life span of equipment.
  • Makes working environment conducive.