This makes the available space rightly maximized with proper arrangement of equipment in place. The room is beautified with available fire rated materials for functionality of the equipment installed. These includes:-

Anti static flooring system:- This is a fire retardant rubber covering, that gives the data centre the finesse and compliments the cladded walls.

Wall cladding /partitioning: These are designed fire rated board material made of P.O.P which can withstand fire up to 1000oc degree centigrade. The partitioning of the Room shall be glazed Aluminum partitioning. The existing windows shall be covered with gypsum board fire rated materials. Also for uniformity and beauty the whole wall of the room will be covered with fire rated board of your choice color.

Fire rated doors: Fire rated Stanley door, made of steel with frame.

False ceiling:these are boards made of fire rated materials to also hide away cables on the ceiling and for uniformity of the beautified room.